Fitness USA Class Action Lawsuit

Fitness USA has filed a class action lawsuit against Bellaccino, et al. on behalf of a group of plaintiffs who were injured while exercising at their gym. The complaint was later bought up and placed in the hands of the same judge who handled the initial case. This time though, instead of being a class action suit, it’s a wrongful death suit. This is because a third party was responsible for the death of the individual. This was the owner of the gym who was careless and carelessly injured several of his customers. The gym was then sued and is now being sued by all of the customers who were harmed in the gym.

Fitness USA Class Action Lawsuit

It seems as if this lawsuit came about due to the simple fact that Bellaccino was found to have negligent supervision of his employees. There were three women who died in the gym while exercising. bellaccino had previously supervised them in a gym not far from here. On the day that the women were exercising, Bellaccino failed to show up to the gym to oversee the exercise and instead drove the women there. This is an example of his negligence in supervision. The class-action lawsuit claims that Bellaccino caused the deaths of these three women through negligence.

bellaccino was not only negligent but also very careless with his supervision.

Two of the three plaintiffs had gone to Bellaccino’s gym approximately three days ago for a workout. On the day that the gym opened, Bellaccino didn’t show up for work, instead drove the women there. These are examples of factors which led to the accident which ultimately led to the class action lawsuits.

One of the most unfortunate things about this whole situation is that Bellaccino was never in the building on the day that the accident occurred.

It just so happens that he drove the women there on the day that the class action lawsuit filed. It is highly probable that he did not show up at work to supervise the exercise because he could not come to the gym that day due to his automobile accident. Even if he did show up at work the next day, it is very unlikely that the exercise classes were being conducted while he was not there, therefore, he owed it to the class action plaintiffs to supervise the exercise classes that day.

One more example of negligence is that Bellaccino did not send anyone to the gym with the group of women that he drove to the fitness center on the day that the class action lawsuit filed.

Bellaccino knew that the women were injured and in need of medical care. He therefore did not send them to the gym nor did he instruct any of the class action plaintiffs to go to the gym with him or go in his car. There is a strong probability that Bellaccino actually caused the fatal accident because he failed to act with extreme care and diligence the day prior to the lawsuit.

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