Flowers Bakery Lawsuit

The Flowers Vs. Flowers Baking Company Case

It has just been announced that a class-action lawsuit has been filed against Flowers Bakery, claiming they engaged in an illegal scheme to increase their profits by keeping their competition out of the shop. This could be the first of many legal problems faced by Flowers, but what exactly is a class-action lawsuit? In simple terms it is when more than one person files suit against a company or person, making a lawsuit in the hopes that they have a legitimate case against the business. It is generally thought that when there are at least two plaintiffs, then a lawsuit can proceed against any defendant. Class-actions allow only groups of people to file suits against businesses under the same lawsuit.

Flowers Bakery Lawsuit

One class-action lawsuit was brought against Flowers, and it was based on the owner’s policy of only buying flowers from a local florist. This policy, it is claimed, allowed Flowers to buy bulk flowers wholesale, shipped to another town, and then sell those same flowers at a discount to the public.

After charging less for their flowers, which they bought cheaper from wholesale florists, they then sold the flowers for higher prices to individuals. According to the bakery owners’ attorney, this caused a lot of competition with locally owned shops, and the owners had to resort to cheating customers by inflating their flower prices, or selling inferior products to get them to buy more.

The legal case was filed by a former customer of Flowers, who is seeking damages for loss of enjoyment of services, and for pain and suffering caused by the bakery’s alleged unfair practices.

According to the owner, the lawsuit is frivolous and politically motivated, as no one will likely pursue such a case if it involves an honest business. According to the owner, it is also possible to give customers discounts on their purchases, and increase ones’ satisfaction by providing a more thorough and helpful service. However, the lawsuit has caused much rift between the owner and his employees. A few of the accused have quit their jobs, and others have threatened to sue the bakery.

Although not yet proven in the case, the bakery may also be accused of falsely advertising its products.

One advertising strategy that it allegedly used is creating TV commercials about how great their pastries are, and how happy customers are with them. However, one advertising agency claimed that such commercials are “deceptive and highly misleading”. This is one of the claims in the Flowers vs. Flowers case, and it has already caused the bakery to change their tactics. However, their attorney says that they will only change their tactics if they lose the case.

Aside from these two cases, there are many other complaints that have been lodged against the bakery.

In one case, the owner has allegedly placed ads in a South Florida newspaper advertising his store, even though he is not licensed to do so. When confronted by local police, he fled the country, without giving any explanation for his actions. He later returned to the store to collect money for tax debts.

The bakery’s attorney claims that the owner has acted appropriately, and that he only promotes his own business.

He added that the Flowers’ lawsuit is “frivolous and meritless”. He maintained that the case is only a money grab, and that he will defend his business against the complaint. The bakery is closed at the present time. It is unknown when the owner will face charges in the case.

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