Ford Spark Plugs Class Action Lawsuit

The Ford spark plug class action lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. The complaint is for injuries to the employee that resulted from having to use an unsafe workplace. Class action lawsuits allow many people who are injured at work to share their stories and have the chance to be compensated for their injuries.

Ford Spark Plugs Class Action Lawsuit

At approximately two months ago, plaintiff began experiencing pain and burning sensation as his Ford vehicle sat in the garage. He went to his car showroom to have the problem examined and the suggested solution was a battery new. Prior to this, he had seen his doctor about the issue of having pains while using the plugin.

He also noted that there was a small crack on the plug where the track used to be. When he brought this to his boss, she suggested taking it to the Ford Spark Plugs Manufacturer for repairs instead of having him change the battery.

Within a few days, the Ford Spark Plug manufacturer provided a phone call to the Ford Spark Plugs Class Action Lawsuit plaintiff.

The following is a timeline of events in the case. On the evening of the day before the scheduled appointment with the technician, plaintiff and his boss had a discussion about the upcoming case and about what to do with his account of the earlier events. When confronted with the evidence that the crack on the plug did indeed come from the factory, and that it caused personal injury as a result of using the defective Ford plugs, plaintiff decided to move forward with filing a lawsuit.

Within the next three months, the Ford Spark Plugs manufacturer provided a statement denying liability and denying any knowledge of the crack in the plugs prior to the incident.

When confronted with the facts of the accident, defendant’s counsel indicated that there was still insufficient evidence to file a case. On the following day, plaintiff received another call from the Ford Spark Plugs Class Action Lawsuit defendant’s attorney.

This time, the attorney informed plaintiff that he had a plaintiff who wished to file a claim against the Ford Motor Company for personal injuries due to the defect. As soon as the second call was received, the plaintiff’s attorney made sure to track down the defendant.

During a meeting on January 6th, the two attorneys discussed how to move forward with the Ford Spark Plugs Class Action Lawsuit.

After a brief discussion about the details of the case, plaintiff advised defendant that he intended to use the phone number for the Ford Spark Plugs manufacturer to help trace the phone call that indicated the presence of the defective plugs. He asked that the case number is added to his caller id, so that whenever he received calls from the same number, he could record the information and use it in his case.

Two weeks later, defendant responded by sending a letter informing plaintiff that his call had been recorded without his permission. This letter caused plaintiff to file a federal complaint against Ford.

Although the details of the case are not clear, the bottom line is that plaintiff is currently pursuing a Ford Spark plug lawsuit.

We will keep you updated as the case moves forward. You may also want to join a local law firm to get any possible advice about filing a Spark plug lawsuit. We wish you the best in your pursuit of justice.

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