Just For Men Lawsuit Settlement Amounts

There have not been any major settlements of Just For Men lawsuits publically reported. Only a handful of cases have received class action status. attorney claimed African American men more prone to just for men accidents. In February, David Collier of Orange County, Florida, filed a Just for Men lawsuit claiming the hair dye resulted in serious physical injuries.

Just For Men Lawsuit Settlement

Collier was working as a groundskeeper at a luxury golf resort when he slipped on some chemical residue and burned his foot. He was not wearing any protective shoes or socks at the time of the accident. When he arrived at the hospital, he could barely walk and felt detached from his body. He developed rashes and scars that have taken a toll on his appearance. His suit claims the “negligence” of the resort management allowed the chemical residue to burn his skin and cause severe injuries.

Another case that garnered attention was a lawsuit by Terrell v. Johnson.

The two were drinking at a bar when a waiter put Terrell into another room because the other patrons were allergic to his drink. While he was waiting for his drinks, he began having allergic reactions and began to get rashes all over his body.

He was diagnosed with chronic rashes, blisters, itching, and pain, which are common symptoms of this condition.

He was advised by his physician to take an allergy pill. A month later, he was able to use just for men’s clothing to cover up the rash and he was able to return to work.

This case also demonstrates the importance of notifying a trusted medical professional if you or anyone in your family has a history of allergies, asthma, hay fever, or similar conditions.

Your medical professional should perform a skin discoloration patch test to determine if you have a sensitivity to nickel. If so, then your chances of developing serious burns and rashes are increased. These types of burns require medical treatment and settlement amounts are usually quite large. Failure to notify these individuals could result in a devastating financial loss.

The good news is that many victims of chemical burns, rashes, and itching choose to file a personal injury lawsuit against the individual who caused their injury.

In many cases, the victim is unable to pay for the damages they suffer from but instead of throwing in the towel, these victims file a lawsuit so that they can receive the monetary compensation for their suffering. Just for Men is a great company to support these individuals as they pursue a just and fair settlement.

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