Restaurant Lawsuit Settlements

A major award can be obtained when a person has to settle criminal charges or when they have to make restaurant lawsuit settlements. For example, in one case, the Department of Justice had to award a woman a whopping 25 million dollar. This was the largest ever settlement received by an individual when being charged with a crime. In fact, this amount is so huge that it is still in dispute. When a person is being charged for something they did not do, they want their day in court.

Restaurant Lawsuit Settlements

This is not only about the big amount; it is also about the way that the charges were handled. A man who was cooking at a Chipotle restaurant in San Diego was arrested and ultimately plead guilty to misdemeanor charges of assault with a deadly weapon. The man who was working there faced up to one year in jail and had to give up the ownership of the chipotle business. He was also required to give up his citizenship and was required to pay a $25 million fine.

A man who was working at a Burger King Restaurant in Oregon faced down the same fate.

While working, he went into another employee’s home and contaminated the food there with deadly germs. This caused illnesses and cases of people getting afflicted with deadly diseases. To make matters worse, the company that he worked for eventually paid out over a million dollars in a civil suit to get their hands on the tainted food. All because he failed to follow proper protocol and failed to inform them about the bad food prior to serving it to the customer.

There are many more similar stories that have been going on around the country.

Some of them are very sad. However, it is understandable that the victims are being treated unfairly. It is important that these restaurants are able to come up with a fair settlement and that the victims are given justice. Unfortunately though, the justice system is not as fair as it could be due to the large number of corporate chains that have attorneys who are willing to take these cases. This allows the restaurant industry to get what they deserve and not have to worry about what will happen to them if they try to resolve criminal charges against them or even the over 1,100 people that died because of tainted food in the pursuit of a delicious burrito.

In addition to these restaurant lawsuit settlements, there are also the unfortunate consequences that come along with being a victim of food poisoning.

These consequences range from minor to fatal and sometimes they do not have an obvious connection to the person who created and served the contaminated food. Some of the more common consequences include brain damage, paralysis, and organ failure. This is not something that anyone would wish on their worst enemy, but that is just the way it is for some people.

It is also very important to keep in mind that restaurant owners are rarely, if ever, allowed to give statements in court to defend themselves.

This means that any statements that you make have to be entirely truthful, or you may risk your chance for a favorable outcome. If you find yourself in this situation, then you need to consult with a highly qualified restaurant liability attorney as soon as possible. The sooner you seek legal counsel for your restaurant lawsuit settlements, the better your chances are of prevailing. These are complicated times for all restaurant owners and it is essential that you get the representation you need to navigate through this troubling time.

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