Stop Fake Lawsuit Calls

Have you ever received fake lawsuit calls that you assumed were coming from law offices? Did you even know they were coming from a law office? You had no idea, and now you’re sitting there confused about the whole situation. This happens a lot, but it doesn’t have to be you, and it certainly doesn’t have to happen to you next time you get a call like that.

Fake Lawsuit Calls

First of all, don’t panic. Don’t jump to any conclusions. Take the time to really analyze the phone number to make sure you aren’t going after an old friend or someone that simply has your phone number and is trying to scare you. Most of the time these types of phone calls are caused by fraudsters who want to steal your identity. It’s easy for them to get hold of your information because you give out your phone number every time you make a call.

How do you stop this from happening?

There are two things you can do to protect yourself. The first is to keep your number private as much as you can. You never want to provide this information to just anyone, and you don’t need to.

What you should do is keep the phone number you use for your business entirely confidential.

If you don’t, you won’t get calls from telemarketers. Telemarketers are notorious for calling up businesses looking for people to sell products or services. When you don’t give them your phone number, you’re giving them the key to your business. This will only increase your chances of them calling back. Even if they don’t call right away, these telemarketing calls can build up and cost you money over time.

The second thing you can do is look into blocking your number from appearing on the caller ID anymore.

You might not think this matters, but it really does matter. If you go online and search for services that allow you to block specific phone numbers, you’ll find plenty available. Many companies offer this service for free, so take advantage of this.

As you can see, there are some simple steps you can take to stop fake lawsuit phone calls.

First of all, if you don’t want to be bothered by telemarketers, you don’t have to talk to them. You can block them and protect yourself. Also, try to keep your number private and you’ll have fewer phone calls from telemarketers.

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