The Mirena IUD Class Action Lawsuit

A class action lawsuit is being brought on behalf of Canadian women who have endured issues with their current (birth control) IUD’s where the inserted birth control drug perforated their uterus and moved out of place. This can happen even if the hormones have been properly prescribed for the duration of the IUD’s life cycle. Some doctors will not even perform a perforation test to insure the drugs are inserted properly and to ensure proper placement within the uterus. For this reason, many women find out too late that they are severely allergic to one or more components of their Mirena IUD and must seek a different type of IUD if they want to continue using their device.

Mirena IUD Class Action Lawsuit

This lawsuit is being filed on behalf of all Canadian women who have fallen victim to the perforating of their uterus. The complaint specifically names Gardenrol, Nupens and Mirena International as defendants in the lawsuit. The plaintiffs in this lawsuit are also asking for damages as a result of being exposed to harmful chemical ingredients found in these three over-the-counter drugs. The lawsuit is also alleging that defendants did not make any attempt to inform the Canadian women of the potential risks of using these drugs during their consultation process.

The complaint has been filed in the federal court in Montana.

This is the location where the manufacturer holds its primary stock of Mirena IUD’s. The complaint states, “Defendant failed to make reasonable representations regarding safety, availability and use of its device, and that it was aware of the risks of its devices long before it placed them in direct contact with patients.” The class action suit is seeking monetary damages as well as an order that the defendants be held responsible for their actions. It is believed that the federal court will issue a temporary restraining order and a permanent, preliminary injunction against the defendants.

The plaintiffs claim that their discomfort from an accidental insertion into their wombs causes a host of complications.

Some of these include infections, hemorrhage, pain, increased menstrual flow, damage to the uterus lining, hormonal changes which affect pregnancy and even death. The lawsuit further claims that the Mirena IUD is the cause of the increased level of lead in the urine of pregnant women and that lead poisoning can occur in the children of women who had inserted Mirena IUD into their wombs. Some of the complications that have been reported by the plaintiffs include infections, uterine contractions and abnormal uterine bleeding.

One of the class members who filed the lawsuit is identified as Jane Doe.

Jane Doe sustained serious damage as a result of the Mirena IUD’s insertion into her body. According to the lawsuit, Jane Doe lost her unborn child as a result of the Mirena IUD’s presence inside of her uterus. Another plaintiff in the lawsuit, identified as Jillson, claimed that the Mirena IUD caused her to suffer from painful menstrual cycles, pain during intercourse and infertility.

The Mirena IUD Class Action Lawsuit further alleges that the Food and Drug Administration did not notify the public about the potential life-threatening side effects associated with the Mirena IUD because it did not consider the complication that could occur with a surgical removal of the Mirena IUD.

The lawsuit further claims that the FDA failed to warn about the potential for the existence of conditions such as ectopic pregnancy and fallopian tubes that could develop when a person removes their Mirena IUD.

The FDA is named as a defendant because they did not properly warn Mirena IUD users of the possible life threatening complications that could arise from an insertion into the uterus.

Lastly, the lawsuit asserts that the FDA did not perform adequate studies on the dangers of an inserted IUD and did not ban the manufacturing or selling of the Mirena IUD after learning of the extensive risk of the health complications associated with the device. There are many other reasons why the Mirena IUD Class Action Lawsuit could be successful.

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