United Allergy Labs Lawsuit -Information About the United Anti-Allergy Labs Lawsuits

A United allergy labs lawsuit was recently filed against a medical clinic in Tennessee. The lawsuit is being pursued on behalf of a patient who has been diagnosed with having seasonal allergies. He was taking a seasonal allergy medication, but it caused him to have symptoms like coughing, sneezing and eye irritation. This happened at the same time that he also started taking an immunotherapy vaccine that is supposed to suppress his allergies. This vaccine is not available in the United States yet.

United Allergy Labs Lawsuit

The doctor in question gave this patient the prescription for immunotherapy which he received, but never mentioned that the allergy medicine was a part of the plan. The immunotherapy drug was not added to his regular allergy medications that the doctor had prescribed for him previously. This enabled the doctor to save hundreds of dollars. It was never added to his record of prescriptions.

The problem with this story is that allergy testing is not covered by the majority of health insurance plans.

Most health insurance plans require a referral from the patient’s doctor before they will cover the cost of the allergy medicine. Even if they do cover it, most insurance companies only cover the allergy testing part of the bill. That leaves the patient with the enormous cost of the allergy medicine and doctor’s office visits.

Now, a couple of things could be going on here.

First, there may have been a clerical error or a mix up with the allergy medicine. Second, the doctor may not have written the prescription correctly. Third, the allergic individual may have gotten the allergy medicine mixed up with some other drugs that he is taking.

The worst case scenario is that someone with chronic allergies is mixing up all the medications he needs to keep his allergies under control. He is now in serious need of allergy testing and may need life support if his condition worsens.

Allergy lawsuits are usually about safety.

A lab that does not know what they are doing can make an allergic person very sick. It is not the doctor’s fault if a lawsuit comes out of the test results. Even though the doctors are trained and their staffs are highly educated, mistakes can still happen.

If you think that you are a victim of medical negligence, then it is time for an allergy lawsuit.

You should not have to worry about what you are going to pay for your allergy medicine. You deserve the right to choose which doctor you want to go to. There has been no evidence that a specific allergy medicine has caused any deaths, but there have been cases where patients have died after taking the wrong allergy medicine. It would be better for you to get your tests and medication from another place and not have to worry about lawsuits.

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