Walmart Discrimination Lawsuit

A Walmart Discrimination Lawsuit has recently surfaced in southern California. It is based upon the employment practices at Walmart. Recently a black employee at one of the Walmart Stores in California was laid off and had no option but to train his replacements. He complains that because he was black he was passed over for a promotion. The company has yet to make any official comments on this matter, or whether or not they will be charging for tapes of the discrimination incident.

Walmart Discrimination Lawsuit

On the other hand the company is defending their actions by saying that it was a result of poor hiring decisions. Yet, another example of Walmart discrimination. This all comes as the result of the US government requiring all businesses to hire minorities while maintaining a workplace equality and chance for advancement. Many businesses are hesitant to comply with this order and are threatening to file a lawsuit. Some have already done so and are fuming over the fact that they have to close their businesses.

So the question remains. Is there really something to this lawsuit? Is it worth filing? Will it bring about changes in the company or will it turn them into a laughing stock on the worldwide stage?

Recently, in an attempt to appease their Hispanic customers some stores have started putting Spanish words on their menu.

In other locations they are even having small pieces of food with Spanish writing on them. This may all sound good but it is also a clear attempt to not offend anyone.

What exactly is the problem here?

What is wrong with a Hispanic employee that was promoted up the corporate ladder at Walmart without being given an opportunity for a raise or a promotion because of his race? Is he being discriminated against? What about his wife and children? They surely have to be affected too.

This is a serious matter and it should not be swept under the rug.

This has to be taken care of and Walmart has to do the right thing. If it is not, it could cost them dearly. Thousands of dollars and thousands of jobs could be lost. All because a few bad apples don’t want to see their business suffer.

The fact of the matter is that Walmart has made a mistake in hiring this man. This decision has hurt them financially and their reputation has been damaged. In addition, this man should be fired because he has a bad temper and is extremely volatile. Why did they make this error in judgment?

It appears that they made this error because of political correctness.

Some feel that if a certain group is discriminated against then it can be considered discrimination. In their minds it is wrong for them to do something that would be considered discrimination. In reality it is wrong for any employer to discriminate against any group of employees. So if you feel that you have a case then you need to contact a Walmart discrimination lawyer to discuss your case.

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