Wen Lawsuits

Donald Trump’s Recent Win

The Wen lawsuits are still rocking the web. This past week it was People’s State suing Sears for overcharging its customers on batteries. Another case is brought against Best Buy for undercharging its energy-efficient laptop computers. But this one is different. Instead of a major corporation being sued for massive financial harm, it was a middle-aged, disabled, handicapped American trying to sue for disability benefits and medical expenses associated with his injury caused by Sears’ negligence.

Yes, Americans who live in nursing homes and wheel chairs are eligible for these benefits from the Federal Trade Commission under the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Unfortunately, Sears did not have an accessible plan to meet this need like Best Buy or Circuit City did. As a result, thousands of seniors and handicapped Americans who use energy saving care products from Wen hair care products and other brands are going to be out of luck if this lawsuit goes to trial. What’s more, the wheels of commerce may be slowing down on this topic but the government has not. This means that more senior citizens will be able to get the monetary assistance that they may desperately need.

On November, Donald Trump’s son is scheduled to have a special meeting with the nation’s attorney general in New York.

At that time the attorney general is expected to unveil a proposal to help families that are suffering as a result of the loss of income or assets because of the actions of their incompetent, unprofessional, or unethical caregivers. At the meeting, the president will likely urge that the government take action against Sears and perhaps other large retailers that refuse to address the issues that have arisen with the growing litigation about wen lawsuits. There is no indication that either Attorney General Alberto Gonzales or his predecessor, Eric Holder, are planning to take such a step.

I suppose that it would be easy to write off the whole thing as yet another over-the-top marketing campaign from The Donald.

After all, the company that was once synonymous with self-aggrandizement and grandstanding is now synonymous with low morale and declining sales. But there is something else going on here. It seems that the self-promoting, ego-driven Donald Trump has finally found a little girl who lives in St. Louis whose life has been touched in a very meaningful way by the St. Louis Schools’ “Charity for All” program. And now Donald is using his considerable knowledge of business as well as his own extensive network of friends to help her obtain a lawsuit settlement that will allow her to receive the monetary compensation that she desperately needs.

The St. Louis Schools has developed a new initiative to help families navigate the many challenges that their children can face when they go back to school.

According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, the initiative is called “Charity For All.” The charity event was designed to help students who experience the challenges associated with having to cope with being a student with special needs, such as difficulties in learning disabilities, autism, cerebral palsy, and so on.

As previously reported by the Post-Dispatch, the charity event was planned by the Trump Foundation and is hosted by the Trump National Golf Club.

According to Charity officials, the proceeds from the “charity for all” sales will be divided between the various beneficiaries. Among the proceeds will be money for advertising in various newspapers. Another portion of the proceeds will go to pay for the distribution of brochures, discount cards, coupons and other literature about the program. And then there will be the funds to pay for the actual lawsuit settlement.

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