What Is A Capri Sun Mold Lawsuit?

Recently in Florida, a case involving a Capri Sun manufacturer has reached the discovery phase. The victim in this case, identified as the customer ID number eight, filed suit against Capri Sun for defective mold that resulted in her having chronic breathing problems.

At first, Capri Sun denied any liability and even suggested that the victim try to sue them instead of settling with their doctor. However, after the discovery phase, where evidence was presented that supported the victim’s case, Capri Sun ultimately admitted liability and filed a financial judgment against the victim.

Capri Sun Mold Lawsuit

This mold lawsuit involves an unusual case in Florida, because there is currently no state law limiting the type of cases which can be brought by consumers. Instead, this is the first case of its kind to involve a manufacturer acknowledging their liability and settling without going to trial. It also shows that the justice system in Florida is beginning to recognize that many cases are not litigated properly and have a negative impact on the court’s ability to function properly.

In the past, mold lawsuits were only brought against large companies and often ended with the defendant walking away with the maximum settlement possible. It was often difficult for smaller companies to defend themselves in court against large corporations, since they had little money to fight a protracted court battle.

In this case, the defendant chose to enter into a lawsuit with a small Florida law firm rather than bring a legal action against the company at large.

This means that the amount of money they paid out will likely be less than if the case went to trial. Yet, the damages inflicted on the plaintiff’s health are still substantial. Because it is so difficult for victims to understand how their illnesses have become so much damage, the attorney representing them must do all that they can to get the settlement they deserve. Unfortunately, often the consequences of choosing to go to trial rather than negotiating a settlement are worse.

There are two potential outcomes from a capri sun lawsuit.

If the plaintiff chooses to accept the offer that the defendant offers, they may be able to have the case dismissed without having to pay any damages. On the other hand, if the plaintiff decides to fight for compensation based on the mold damage their attorneys determine occurred, they may be able to get the case resolved in one or two courtrooms, which could lead to significant additional settlement amounts.

Once the case has been settled, the victim is typically awarded a large lump sum.

Unfortunately, there isn’t really any way to predict whether or not a capri sun mold lawsuit may actually lead to any settlement or case results. Attorneys who are successful in such cases often receive a percentage of the total settlement, but some cases never make it to trial at all.

Many people don’t realize how serious a capri sun mold lawsuit can be.

While they are often easy to deal with and don’t often see very severe financial consequences, it is still a good idea to handle one’s own capri sun mold lawsuit as quickly and thoroughly as possible. If you do choose to pursue a case based upon your mold symptoms, make sure you hire a skilled attorney experienced with these types of cases.

You may also want to contact a local consumer law clinic if you believe you have a case that could be worth pursuing. Their staffs are usually extremely knowledgeable about what type of cases they deal with, and can assist you in making sure you get what you are entitled to.

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