What is a Unum Class Action Lawsuit?

An Unum class action lawsuit refers to a case in which an individual or group of people claim a particular injury or ailment as a result of negligence on the part of a particular company or organization. Unum class actions are different from other types of lawsuits in that they deal exclusively with injuries that result from negligence on the part of large corporations. In this type of lawsuit, lawyers representing the complainants to bring their lawsuit against an entity rather than an individual. This is why an Unum case can have a significantly higher court-case cost than most other cases.

Unum Class Action Lawsuit

An Unum class action lawsuit involves both monetary and non-monetary damages. In the past, in order to bring such a lawsuit, large insurance companies would seek out the assistance of attorneys who specialized in tort law. While it is possible to bring such a lawsuit today, many large insurance companies now avoid hiring attorneys because the expense of retaining them is so great. Instead, they often prefer to settle their own lawsuits in which the defendant agrees to enter into long term disability benefits provided to the complainants. Many times, this type of agreement results in an enormous financial settlement for the defendant.

The majority of individuals who file such lawsuits receive long term disability benefits.

However, it is not uncommon for them to be able to continue to receive benefits while waiting for the case to conclude. In addition to receiving long term disability benefits, individuals who file Unum lawsuits also receive monetary awards which are dependent on their specific injuries. These damages are often assessed against the company which is at fault for the negligence of not providing sufficient safety guidelines in place.

When filing an Unum class action lawsuit, you must prove that you suffered a personal injury that resulted in your disability.

In addition, you must provide the court with medical records and other documentation that will further illustrate your injuries. If the company refuses to enter into a class action lawsuit settlement, you have the right to appeal the decision to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal District of Columbia.

In doing so, you must provide the appropriate information necessary to clearly demonstrate your long term disability insurance claim. If the decision of the court is still unsatisfactory for you, then you may wish to seek the services of an attorney who has experience in handling disability claims.

One of the most common reasons for long term disability insurance claim denial is because the company simply does not believe the claim is legitimate.

In these instances, the individual is required to file an answer to the complaint with respect to the reasons why the company lacks support to support the claim. In many instances, the defendant simply refuses to acknowledge that the complaint is legally valid, or offers of inadequate assistance to resolve the matter. If the plaintiff does not receive a satisfactory resolution from the defendant’s insurance carrier, they are then required to pursue the case through arbitration or mediation.

Because an UUM Class Action lawsuit involves a wide variety of personal injuries, it is very important to obtain legal representation that specializes in disability insurance claims.

Specialized attorneys will be able to help the plaintiff learn whether their UUM case qualifies under any applicable statues or laws regarding long term disability. In addition, if the plaintiff is unable to obtain a favorable resolution from their insurance carrier, specialized attorneys may be able to file a claim with the Court of Special Claims to obtain additional compensation.

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