Beneful Class Action Lawsuit

Nestle Purina Petcare Company has recently been hit with a class action lawsuit claiming that its famous Beneful dog food contains dangerous chemicals that are capable of killing pets very quickly. According to the recent Beneful class action lawsuit complaint filed in a California federal district court by plaintiff Frank Lucidado on February 5, Beneful liable for manufacturing thousands of dogs dead or seriously sick, which took place at one of their own stores in his home state of Massachusetts. Lucidado further alleged that he suffered permanent nerve damage and eye problems as a result of this company’s shoddy product, which they call “eco-friendly.” On March 4th, The Hershey Company reached a consent agreement in which they agreed to replace all of the dog foods in their assortment with the much safer vegetarian dog food.

Beneful Class Action Lawsuit

This class action lawsuit was first filed on behalf of the deceased dog owners, who had become extremely ill and suffered a range of other life threatening diseases after drinking the contaminated water. The complaint further alleged that this company was aware of the risks associated with the contaminated water but chose not to remedy the problem by placing warning labels on their products. This negligence on their part has caused a great deal of injury and death to dogs all across the United States. These victims are seeking monetary compensation for their losses and are also seeking to be released from their veterinarian’s lifelong payments for taking care of their beloved pets.

This lawsuit is one of the most amazing cases I have ever seen in Class Action Law.

Frank Lucidado and his family are seeking to hold the dog owners responsible for the pain and suffering their pet endured for so long. The story is truly sad and is reminiscent of the days of old when families would take in a stray to keep it away from street dogs. It is unfortunate how things have progressed in our society today. This class action lawsuit was first filed on behalf of the deceased dog owners back in 2021, but it only came to light when the lawsuit was filed in May of 2021.

A couple of things are worth noting about this class action lawsuit.

For starters, the government is attempting to use the feb. 5 class action lawsuit filing date as a way to quash the complaints that are being made against the pet food manufacturer. This is because they do not want to see any more lawsuits filed on behalf of pet food consumers. Also, the fact that the complaint has been brought within a short period of time after the poisoning incident shows just how serious the problem is.

This particular class action lawsuit was first filed on behalf of the deceased pet owners in the state of California.

The claim revolves around a negligent recall ordered by the Dog Food Manufacturing facility in 1999. The company was instructed by the FDA to remove all dog foods containing the ingredient Petoblin from the marketplace, but failed to do so. Instead, they sent out a limited amount of recalled bags which contained a small amount of the chemical. When the American consumer exposed themselves to that small amount of the chemical, they began experiencing gastrointestinal issues and became ill.

The class action lawsuit filed by the plaintiffs alleged that due to this contamination, they suffered injury, including death, because of that exposure.

They also claimed to have experienced emotional distress, physical injury, and have lost or damaged their ability to earn a living. The original complaint also included a request for a jury trial, stating, “There is sufficient evidence that the defendants knew or should have known that Petoblin was dangerous.” The judge has ordered that a pre-trial mediation be conducted, at which point both sides will present their case. The settlement amount has not yet been set as of this writing.

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