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Queens Legal Services NYC (LLS NYC) is an organization that offers free legal services to individuals in New York City. The organization serves nearly 100,000 individuals annually. It is the largest non-profit organization dedicated to offering free legal services to the needy, with many programs available in the poorest neighborhoods throughout the city.

In addition to its free legal aid service, LLS NYC also provides financial assistance to people who are in need of short-term loans and provides free legal advice and referrals on a range of issues. It has also been instrumental in the development of many of the laws that protect the rights of tenants in New York.

Queens Legal Aid NYC

Queens Legal Aid NYC was established in 1963, when the first of its local branches was opened in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Fort Greene. Today, the organization is active in over sixty neighborhoods across the five boroughs of New York City, serving residents from all backgrounds and incomes. The organization provides free legal services to individuals and families, as well as help with housing issues and landlord and tenant issues.

The main function of LLS NYC is to help residents in New York City achieve personal freedom, economic security, and peace of mind. Its services include family law, employment law, civil rights law, and immigration law. In addition to providing free legal assistance, the organization provides free informational publications on a variety of legal matters and provides free legal information to a wide variety of community organizations, religious groups, and social service agencies.

Queens Legal Services

When it comes to obtaining a Queens Legal Services Association membership, you will need to first check if your city has a member of the LSLNYC. To find out whether your city is a member, you can contact the office of the state attorney general or the city or county where you live. If your city is not a member, you may still be able to get legal help from the organization by contacting a specific office that serves your city.

If you are seeking free legal help, Queens Legal Services is an organization you want to make sure you have established contact with. This is important because they do provide free legal advice and referrals, but the majority of their services are free.

In addition to helping individuals and families receive legal services, the organization also provides free legal information and referral services to government agencies, non-profits, businesses, and other organizations. In addition to helping those in need, Queens Legal Services also provides free information to the general public.

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