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The Orlando Immigration Court: Immigration Lawyers in Orlando

The Orlando Immigration Court is named after the former Senator Howard Baker, who is a former Governor of Oklahoma and United States Senator, and it is a part of the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) Division of Removal and Enforced Removal Operations (DRE). The Orlando Immigration Court, which is also known as the Department of Justice (DOJ), is located in 3535 Lawton Road Suite 200.

Orlando Immigration Court

The Orlando immigration court handles all criminal deportation and non-deported removal cases, for Central Florida, Northwest Florida and most of Southwest Florida. People who are apprehended by the immigration authorities and are not entitled to stay in the U.S., can be held in immigration custody until a decision on their claim has been reached. However, they can be granted bail, if the court believes it will reduce the amount they could be sentenced for their crime. Once the charges against them have been dismissed, the individuals may remain free.

People who have an intention to immigrate to the U.S. but have committed an offense in their native country and are not allowed to remain in that country because of the same offense are referred to as illegal aliens. In cases of felony arrests, these people are required to undergo immigration court proceedings and be convicted in their native countries. Upon being convicted, they must leave the country. People can also be ordered removed if they are accused of a crime in their homeland, although the case is not heard in the immigration courts. If they are convicted, they must leave the country as soon as possible.

The judges of the Orlando immigration court can also impose fines and time limits on the period of time that an individual is ordered out of the country. This is so the court will have time to check if there are any mitigating circumstances that will work in the defendant’s favor, such as having an immediate job. If there are no mitigating factors present, the defendant may be removed. This is especially true in cases of felony crimes.

Immigration Lawyers in Orlando

There are many immigration lawyers who are available to answer questions that may come up in the Orlando immigration court. These people can guide their clients through the proceedings and can answer questions about their rights, and what options they have in the case.

Immigration lawyers can help immigrants obtain H-1B visas and green cards. They can also work with other immigration attorneys to help their clients to file the appropriate paperwork for their green card applications.

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