The Lawyer Behind Rudy Indiana Otis Lawsuit

Rudolphine Law was born in Louisiana. She is said to be the youngest lawyer in United States. Her father, Frank Madison Law was a delegate for Texas delegate. He served four terms as a delegate for the state of Texas. It is said that he was the first black man to ever serve as a delegate to the U.S congress.


Lawyer of San Antonio is also known as Nurse Ingrid Toledo. She specializes in trauma, criminal law and family law. Her practice has dealt with many death cases such as those of victims who were crushed to death by a large transport truck. She has handled the legal aspect of recovery cases after accidents caused by human beings.

After being selected as an assistant prosecuting attorney, Toledo did not possess much success in this area. She moved on to a new area where she specialized in drunk driving. This was a more fitting field for her given her background as a nurse. This led to the creation of the first drunk driving case handled by this lawyer.

After serving time in jail for a drunk driving conviction, this lawyer was asked to join the prosecution of George Shelton. George Shelton was a former police officer that shot and killed his partner. This killed him not only as a victim but also as an unarmed citizen. The defense attorney for this case did very well in court, winning the case for George.

When asked what she thinks about DUI laws, she said, “A wise lawyer should be concerned about the innocence of the person he is defending.

A drunk driver, although operating a machine that gives him or her alcohol permission, has still impaired his or her judgment.” She went on to say that the law should not punish a person just because they have a blood alcohol content above the legal limit. She believes that the punishments in the case of DUI cases should fit the crime. She is also a strong believer in drug rehabilitation. “It is better to prevent drug abuse than to cure it.”

During the hearing of this case, witnesses gave testimony that contradicted the testimony given by the prosecution. It was then said that the judge will be looking at the testimony given by the prosecution and make his decision from there. During the hearing, Rudy Indiana Owen felt comfortable with the judge and did not argue or cry during the case. The only argument she had was that the amount of blood alcohol content, which was measured at the time of the arrest was low.

The judge did however issue an order for the blood test to be performed again so that his decision would be final. Once the results were in, the judge did give the drunk driver a special reprimand. According to him, it showed that he was not only unaware of the blood alcohol limit, but that he was also able to operate the vehicle while under the influence. The judge gave him a month to fix up the vehicle and to attend classes regarding road safety.

After the ruling, the defense lawyer approached the prosecutor and asked to drop the charges. The prosecutor told him no. The defense then filed a motion to have the charges dismissed. The motion was denied by the court.

The Indiana Supreme Court, contrary to the court’s ruling, ruled in favor of the defense.

The court said that drunk driving is not a crime. The court cited a number of reasons for its ruling saying that drunk driving does not constitute a crime. It also said that the defense could not argue that the charges against him were improper or based on in-convenient circumstances. The court did not, however, dismiss the charges against Rudy Irvin.

Rudy Irvin was then charged with involuntary manslaughter. As he had been released early, he was in a position to drive his car when he crashed into a tree. The attorney argued that the charges against him should be dismissed because drunk driving is not a crime. The defense failed to convince the court that the charge should be dismissed.

Rudy Irvin was convicted and faced the judge for the first time. The defense lawyer argued that the judge did not take into account the testimony of the arresting officer who said that Irvin caused the accident. The defense did not prove that the blood alcohol level was the legal limit. The judge sent Irvin to prison, a heavy financial blow to his family.

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