The Tragic History of Priest Abuse

Church abuse cases have increased rapidly prompting trials, investigations, high priests’ convictions, and other religious leaders. For more than two decades, priests have been reeling from sexual abuse scandals that have led to resignations and convictions.

While some of these abuses have been attributed to contemporary society, sexual abuse by priests emerged hundreds of years ago.

Notable cases have been brought forward by women and parents whose children have experienced priest abuse. Contemporary means of communication and a robust justice system has enabled victims to expose the heinous atrocities committed by their priests.

For instance, Theodore E. McCarrick, a leading figure in the Roman Catholic had a rumored history of abuses against minors and seminarians. These developments led to the archbishop’s resignation and subsequent removal from the priesthood.  The case represents thousands of similar patterns that the church seems to address with a lot of secrecy.

What Has Been Done?

The increasing cases of priest abuses have made it essential to create departments and policies that control the vice and punish the perpetrators. For instance, the United States has established several policies to stem the accusations’ tide by reducing abuse prevalence.

In other countries such as Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands, investigations have roiled the church and society. The matter was the basis of Pope Francis’s speech in 2019, where he described the “sexual abuses” that minors and nuns suffer at priests’ hands.

When Should I Contact A Priest Abuse Attorney?

In the modern world, the church has embraced the need to develop internal departments that oversee operations and address concerns raised by members without discrimination.

Besides, the justice system takes the matter seriously and now treats the offenses as crimes requiring legal intervention. Therefore, you should feel free to make complaints to organizations you feel comfortable with or consult a priest abuse attorney for legal and emotional support.

These attorneys have vast experience and knowledge regarding church-related abuses and will play a significant role in directing your legal pursuit. Most of the reasons why you may need to consult an attorney include:

1. Suspecting sexual abuse in the church

Whenever you witness or suspect that a sexual abuse is taking place in the church, is it advisable to seek professional advice on how to establish the truth.

In most cases, abuses may include minors who may feel uncomfortable expressing their sufferings to you. So if you suspect any abuses to your child or friend’s child, it is always wise to consult widely without spoiling.

2. When you experience abuse

In most cases, you may not understand that what is happening to you is abuse, so you should consult a priest abuse attorney to help you understand policies and classify priest practices that may be considered abusive.

3. Seek compensation

Although monetary compensation cannot address the emotional suffering that comes with sexual abuse, it is always a better idea to seek compensation from the perpetrators for the cost incurred due to their actions.

In case you or your loved ones experience priest abuses, it is advisable to consult a professional attorney to ensure that you receive a fair judgment.

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