Viable Options for Resolving a Divorce Case outside the Courtroom

Married couples go through a distressing time when they are left with no option other than to get a divorce. Most individuals prefer parting ways from their spouses when they no longer feel emotionally connected despite trying hard.

The pain that one experiences while separating from their partners is unbearable, and there’s no doubt about it. However, to lead a happy and stress-free life, divorce is the ultimate solution. Give Lawrence Law Office a call if you want to seek legal assistance from a professional divorce attorney.

On your own, you can’t resolve family law issues effectively and which is why you need to have a proficient lawyer specializing in family law by your side. If you do not want your divorce case to affect your family members and friends, resort to one of the feasible options to resolve your legal issue outside the court.

Here are some options that won’t require you to visit court multiple times and wait for days for the judgment.

Settlement Negotiation

You have the option to negotiate a settlement with your spouse out of the courtroom if you want to dissolve your marriage or child support payments modification. Without a sound knowledge of family law, you may not be able to negotiate properly. Hence, hire an experienced divorce lawyer who possesses rich expertise in settlement negotiations.

Collaborative Law

It is a procedure where you and your other half need to meet with each other’s attorneys. Your lawyer will try to negotiate a settlement with your spouse’s attorney. While doing so, they make sure that nothing affects their clients’ rights and interests. The collaborative law process can help you reach an agreement with your partner.


One of the best ways to resolve a family law problem like divorce is mediation. There’s nothing like it if your lawyer is a licensed mediator. You and your spouse have to meet with the selected mediator during mediation.

The mediator acts as a neutral third party who helps encourage communication between you and your partner. It’s a mediator’s job to make a married couple realize how crucial it is to forgive and forget and learn to compromise to save a relationship.

Remember to submit the agreement to the court after you succeed in negotiating a settlement out of court. On receiving the final agreement, a judge approves it and issues a court order. The order is regarded as final and legally binding. The violation of a court order can make one face serious consequences.


Most divorce cases are very sensitive and complicated. You can safeguard your rights and easily navigate the complex process when relying on a proficient divorce lawyer with years of experience. You won’t have to take the stress of visiting court and wait for the judge’s decision if you decide to settle your case outside the courtroom.

Your lawyer will listen to your story, and, keeping your best interests in mind, he will help you choose one of the aforementioned options. A committed family law attorney leaves no stone unturned to enable clients to find the best solution to their problems.

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